Friday, March 11, 2016

Saga Land

A four-part radio series about Iceland and the sagas that I made with Richard Fidler has been released on podcast, and is available for free here.

We travelled to Iceland with a two-part mission: to tell stories from the Viking sagas written early in the country's history in the places where they actually unfolded a thousand years ago, and to settle a longstanding family mystery.

Along the way we delved into stories from four of the Icelandic family sagas: Njál's Saga, Laxdæla Saga, Gísla Saga, and Egil's Saga.

You can find out about the making of the radio series here and here.

The site of Gunnar's farm Hlídarendi (episode 1)
Wild cotton at Laugar, where Gudrún lived (episode 2)
Geirthjófsfjördur, where Gísli was killed (episode 3)
Borg, once farm of Egil the warrior poet (episode 4)