Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dining in Paradise

My travel article about a recent journey I took to Thailand has appeared under various titles in The Daily Telegraph (10/10/13), The Courier-Mail (12/10/13), and Herald Sun (12/10/13).

The focus of the piece is the connection between food and landscape, and in particular some wonderful dining experiences I had along the western coastline from Krabi to Phang Nga. A few extra pictures from this section of the trip given below, with accompanying text from the piece itself:

We stop at the busy Nong Joke restaurant. You find it as the road into Krabi town makes a slow bend towards the pier.
We're approaching Rayavadee, an opulent resort that occupies a fillet of land between two of the karst formations. 

As we near, the finer colours of the karsts begin to show: streaks of silver, black, and copper orange.
And at the base of one, trees curtain the side of an infinity pool that faces out to a yellow beach, the white water of a cloudy day, and a slow bay that ends in another fortress of cliffs.

The symmetry of food and setting is perfected that evening at the Grotto, a beach restaurant with its main room in one of the karsts.

Passing through Krabi a second time, we stop this time at Ruen Mai, or Wooden Cottage. (Left: Ruen Mai. Pictured right: Food writer/academic) 

At The Sarojin, I encounter another convincing case for both blends and fusions, and also for sometimes letting distinctive national flavours have their moment. (Pictured: The Sarojin's restaurant)