Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ikea bicycle trailers

I'm going to Uppsala in Sweden in a couple of days. The university there is hosting the Thirteenth International Saga Conference, at which I'm presenting a paper on the representation of Swedes in the Icelandic sagas. (I promise this is not a gathering of Viking role-players, but the meeting of a rather conservative field of philologists and historians.)

As a first step in my planning for the trip, I looked into hiring a bicycle in Uppsala, and came across this: a bike hire company that will kit you out for a ride (with trailer) to buy up big at Ikea. Here's the pitch:

"Going to IKEA without car? Riding with four grocery bags or a bed as cargo? It's easier than you may think to transport cargo by bike, and quite practical. See the bike trailers page."

I hope the company won't mind me pasting in the demonstration photo:

You can't fault the Swedes.

(See for yourself here.)