Friday, November 16, 2012

Stilts Handbook of Adventure

On Saturday 1 December, the new literary journal Stilts will be launching its Handbook of Adventure. The editors write,

The third issue of the Stilts journal is the most ambitious and accomplished yet. Cory Taylor navigates warring parents in Kenya. Sarah Gory goes searching for Borges in Buenos Aires. Sam Maguire travels through time and space in pursuit of his alien crush. Josephine Rowe drives for hundreds of ks along dusty West Australian roads. Paul Donoughue makes music in Berlin. Kari Gislason doesn’t get over her in Greece.

As you see, I'll be appearing in the journal (or rather my travel piece, 'The Pirate of Karoussades'), but I'll also be at the launch where I'll be reading a short note to the pirate.

More details available here.

The Pirate (Corfu, 1990)

 Aged 18 and reckless, on the back of a van on the way to work (Corfu, 1990)

It was 1990. You could get away with a white jumper and hair like that. 


Photos from the launch (Pics from Stilts):

Reading at the launch