Monday, May 23, 2022

Weeks 22-23: A Wet Weekend in Sydney

 A wet weekend in Sydney may consist of:

Umbrella from Dymocks, George Street

Dinner at The Restaurant Pendolino, three-course minimum 

The next day, walk it off, from The Rocks through town and up past Sydney University to Carriageworks

Sit, watch those milling in the festival bookshop

Speak on historical fiction at the Sydney Writers Festival with Emily Brugman and Susan Wyndham

Speak to those who buy a book

Dinner with friends in Balmain, watching the election results come in

Change of government 

At night, the Opera House pulsing with white light against low clouds

Flying home, and a moment above the rain that doesn't stop this year

An article I wrote about openness and Noosa National Park in The Weekend Australian