Thursday, March 24, 2022

Week 15: Two interviews

This week, two interviews with me about The Sorrow Stone have appeared, both of which use framing ideas to join the novel and its writing to other cultural and creative questions. 

One, in the literary journal Kill Your Darlings, asks mainly about work spaces and writing habits; the other, in Booktopia's podcast 'Tell Me What To Read', pairs interviews with me and Omar J. Sakr, author of Son of Sin, also published this month, as an instance of connecting cultures.

I think both interviews show how pairing ideas or artistic works can suggest links between them rather than needing to spell things out very directly or precisely - such as links between stories and cultural backgrounds, and how one's writing patterns express both personality and artistic goals.

The interviews are available here (Kill Your Darlings) and here (Booktopia).



And, a new writing exercise on backstory: