Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today my nearly four-year old, Magnús, asked me whether trees know how to swim.

'No,' I answered. 'I don't think trees can swim.'

'But they get very wet,' he said.

'Yes, they sit in wet ground, don't they. Sometimes even in tidal areas.'

A little later, Magnús asked, 'Does rain know how to swim?'

'Yes,' I said. 'The rain joins the rivers and swims in the rivers.'

It was a day for observations, but also the riddles that follow. In the afternoon, I thought he said, 'The bird flew so fast the air didn't see it.'

'That's beautiful,' I told him. 'What a way to put it.'

'But I didn't say that,' replied Magnús. 'I said, "The bird flew so fast we didn't see it".'

'I prefer the other version.'

'I prefer mine,' he said.

But maybe they were the same thing.

Trees swimming with the rain