Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just the costs

My least favourite kind of traveller's tale is the one that goes on endlessly about the cost of things: how you won't believe how cheap a place is, or how dear. But, of course, like everyone I like to travel cheaply, and so I find myself close reading the The Guardian's list of holiday destinations as organised by perceived cost, actual cost, and cost including flights. (The list is compiled from a UK point of view.)

Some notes:
  • Sweden is perceived to be the dearest country.
  • France is actually the dearest country. (Sweden is 13th, and the Nordic countries are all cheaper than people expect.)
  • Australia is 11th on the perceived list, 16th on the actual, and 6th when you include flights.
  • Iceland comes in 9th on the actual list, seven places dearer than Australia. (Is it worth it? Includes volcano, seals.)
  • Some countries that you think might be okay, are actually in the top ten dearest (and this, not including flights): Brazil (4th), Russia (5th), Italy and Spain (7th and 8th), and Mexico (10th).
  • Countries that you might think are expensive, are in fact not too bad: Norway (18th), USA (17th), Germany (14th - I can vouch for this from my trip just gone), Dubai (12th).

The moderately priced Tübingen. I got a kebad for 2 euro!