Saturday, June 10, 2017

Words & Music

I've started a YouTube channel featuring songs that I've written and recorded over the years. I've always written music, and during my twenties I worked as a musician, paying for my postgraduate studies in saga literature with gigs around Brisbane. 

When last living in Iceland, some ten years ago, I became good friends with musician Halldór Gunnar Pálsson, and his brother Önundur, a sound engineer. Together we recorded songs in a little summerhouse in Tungudalur in the Westfjords, including the song, "Rain on the Sea".

Other songs were recorded and mixed in Flateyri, a tiny village in the Westfjords where Halldór Gunnar and Önundur grew up. Önundur had converted an old fish-oil storage tank into a studio. Other times we used the local community hall, and its slightly out-of-tune piano, as for "Into Cold Water", which features the piano at the very end.

"Rain on the Sea" and "Into Cold Water" are the first two songs that I've posted on the channel. I wrote the words to both, and did the singing, too. Halldór Gunnar co-wrote the music.

There'll be more of our songs, and others, to follow.

Önundur and Halldór Gunnar, 2007

With Önundur, 2007